RRT9397400-560, 400W, X-band GaN Solid State Transmitter-RFHIC

Anyang, South Korea, September 29, 2020 – RFHIC Corporation (KOSDAQ:218410), a global leader in designing and manufacturing GaN RF & Microwave solutions, introduced its latest 400W, X band Gallium Nitride (GaN) solid state transmitter (RRT9397400-560) designed for high power radar drivers and polarimetric weather radar system applications. 

The RRT9397400-560 delivers 400W of pulsed output power operating at 9,300 to 9,700 MHz, with a duty cycle of 10 percent. This GaN solid-state transmitter is designed to replace outdated and uncontrollable tube-based amplifiers (TWTAs, klystrons, magnetrons) thus providing exceptional thermal stability and reliability. This compact and lightweight transmitter is 19” wide and 2U high and can be installed on the radar mast simplifying system integration and reducing the overall footprint. Due to its scalable architecture, this rack-mountable transmitter is power buildable in case requirements grow.

RFHIC’s GaN solid-state transmitter is designed with a CPU system allowing the user to configure the radar’s pulse width, power, and bandwidth optimizing overall radar performance. The transmitter is also equipped with a detection sensor that monitors the system’s temperature, forward and reverse power to prevent damages to the system. The transmitter is pre-equipped with a low voltage power supply unit (115V) simplifying system integration and lowering overall infrastructure costs. RFHIC’s GaN solid state technology has demonstrated precise and reliable performance for various weather radar customers worldwide. 

Custom designs and modifications are welcomed and available upon request.

To learn more, contact us through our website and a sales representative will be more than happy to assist you. 


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