Plasma Lighting

Plasma lighting also commonly referred to as electrodeless microwave lights (EMLs) is seemingly integrating into mainstream markets, due to its excellent color rendering index and longer lifetime. The enhanced color rendering and powerful visual acuity produced by EML's give them a competitive edge to outdoor environments using natural sunlight. By utilizing RFHIC’s advanced GaN solid-state technology, it allows RF energy to excite plasma in a light bulb to generate efficient and near to pure sunlight for a variety of applications such as wide coverage lighting, agricultural grow lighting, street lights, and more.
Wide Coverage Lighting

RFHIC’s high lumen density of MELs makes them an ideal candidate for replacing LEDs and high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights for wide coverage lighting environments like warehouses, stadiums, airports, parking lots, and more. In all wide coverage lighting applications, GaN solid-state plasma lights deliver even light distribution and high levels of visual acuity ensuring the most optimal source of light for all wide area environments.

Agricultural Grow Lights

Plasma grows lights provide a unique ability to emit a continuous, full spectrum of light almost exactly to natural sunlight, which allows horticultural applications to be more reliable and controllable.

Plasma grows lights also enable the capability to tune the lighting to different frequencies and light spectrums, resulting in healthier plants, fruits, and vegetables.

Street Lights

RFHIC is bringing RF energy to light, by instilling our highly efficient GaN on SiC transistors into our microwave electrodeless lights (MELs). As a result, this allows RF lighting to have excellent lumen/watt beating conventional sources, while also decreasing OPEX costs.