Anyang, South Korea, March 27, 2019 – RFHIC Corporation (KOSDAQ:218410), a global leader in designing and manufacturing GaN RF & Microwave components for communications and defense applications was visited by the Department of Defense as part of their “DAPA-GO” consultation project.

DAPA-GO project provides company on-site export consultation services conducted by commissioners and other key officials to help support companies ensure smooth defense exports.

RFHIC Corporation is a global leader in designing and manufacturing GaN RF & MW semiconductor devices for significant defense systems within Korea. They provide power amplifiers and high power transmitter systems for various military radar applications (drones, surveillance, EW).

RFHIC is a global leader in GaN transistor technology, which a core component for next-generation wireless communications – 5G. With their 20+ years of GaN expertise, they have been actively participating in localizing their components for high-speed maritime and ground surveillance radar systems.

Commissioner Wang, Jung hong, listened to export-related difficulties during the meeting with Cho Duk Su, CEO of RFHIC.

“We are currently conducting multiple joint R&D projects with overseas military contractors, and foresee significant market opportunities within the overseas defense sector utilizing our products. But we also feel the suggest information on the prospect of defense procurement by major countries in the field should be shared, said Cho Duk Su, CEO of RFHIC.”

In response, Wang said, “We publish world defense market yearbook annually, which contains information on the prospects of obtaining major weapon system for foreign countries” and added, “to immediately provide the trend information, which includes acquiring plans, the information obtained from various channels will be provided through Defense export and import support system (D4B).

RFHIC also emphasized the importance of technology and price competitiveness of domestic products and suggested that the government’s policy should be improved to provide advantages for domestic defense companies.

Reporter Park, Suk Hee
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RFHIC Corporation provides innovative GaN solutions that transform how the world operates, communicates, and protects. Our cutting edge GaN technology is the core foundation of all our inventions for creating a better, faster, and more efficient world. As a global leader in designing and manufacturing GaN RF & Microwave components, we envision spurring a new era of high-powered and reliable devices for the next big change in industrial, cellular, and defense technology. Headquartered in Anyang, South Korea.  RFHIC has a US sales office in Morrisville, North Carolina, and sales distributors throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.  RFHIC is an ISO9001 (International quality standard) and ISO14001 (Environmental management standard) certified company, providing reliable and dependable products worldwide.

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