RFHIC’s RIK0915K-40TG is a 15kW, gallium-nitride (GaN) solid-state microwave generator operable from 900-930 MHz. The RIK0915K-40TG provides a system efficiency of 56% and is capable of both CW and pulsed operations. The RIK0915K-40TG is an integrated type generator that comes equipped with eight SSPA shelves, a power supply unit (PSU), a main control unit (MCU), and a WR975 waveguide output port. The RIK0915K-40TG is equipped with a high-grade phase-lock-loop (PLL) synthesizer capable of enabling the desired frequency signal in a precise and controlled manner. The RIK0915K-40TG is also capable of both CW/pulse signals, phase shifting, and power control all intended to optimize the final product. To protect the device from reflected power, the generator is equipped with high-grade isolators (circulators & term), preventing system failure.