RFHIC’s RIU243K0-40TG is a 3kW, solid-state microwave generator designed for microwave heating and plasma generation applications. The RIU243K0-40TG is built with RFHIC’s state-of-the-art gallium-nitride (GaN) on SiC technology and is operable from 2400 to 2500 MHz. The RIU243K0-40TG is a remote type microwave generator where the SSPA head is separate from the control module and PSU allowing for greater flexibility. The RIU243K0-40TG is a complete microwave generator system that comes equipped with a 3kW SSPA head with an internal WR340 waveguide, a control module, a 380 VAC 3 phase 4 wire 50/60 Hz power supply unit, and RF cables. The RIU243K0-40TG is designed with our IP-protected internal waveguide architecture simplifying system integration and lowering significant costs.