RFHIC’s RFCGK is a gallium-nitride (GaN) hybrid Power Amplifier designed ideally for 5G NR systems and 4G LTE systems. Covering 2495 to 2695 MHz, the RFCGK provides an output power of 10W with high efficiency of 46.4%. The RFCGK is packaged in a compact hybrid surface mount (SMD) on aluminum nitride (AIN) board for excellent thermal dissipation. The RFCGK is integrated with asymmetric Doherty configurations resulting in higher power-added efficiency for the entire module at 10W average power. The RFCGK is fully matched to 50 ohms with integrated DC blocking caps on both RF ports to simplify system integration. Custom designs are available upon request.

This device is lead-free and RoHS compliant.