RFHIC’s CL3102D-L is an S-band low-noise-amplifier (LNA) fabricated on RFHIC’s GaAs p-HEMT process. Covering 2700 to 3500 MHz, the CL3102D-L provides 11.5dB of gain and P1dB of 20dBm, while supporting a noise figure of 1.1dB and OIP3 levels of 33 dBm. The CL3102D-L is packaged in a hybrid surface mount and does not require any matching circuit. This device has a high maximum input power of 30 dBm, and a single supply voltage of 5 V is required. The CL3102D-L’s high performance and handling ease make it ideal for WiMAX, LTE, and radar applications. Custom designs are available upon request. Lead-free and RoHS compliant.