Microwave Generators

RFHIC provides COT and custom-designed, high-powered GaN solid-state microwave generator solutions for microwave heating and plasma generation applications. Offering solutions operable in 915MHz, 2.45GHz, and 5.8GHz with power levels capable of up to megawatts. 

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Part NumberDatasheetStatusMin Freq. (MHz)Max Freq. (MHz)Output Power (W)VDC
RIK2524K-40TG Sample Available240025002400050
RIK0960K0-50TDG Sample Available9009306000050
RIU093K0-40TG Sample Available900930300050
RIK0930K-40TG Production9009303000050
RIU256K0-40TG Production24002500600050
RIM251K6-20G Production24002500160050
RIU243K0-40TG Sample Available24002500300050
RIK2512K-40TG_H Production240025001200050
RIF58800-20SG Sample Available5725587580040
RIK0960K0-40TDG Sample Available9009306000050
RIM25100-20G Sample Available2400250010050
RIM25200-20G Sample Available2400250020050
RNP24500-20G Sample Available2400250050050
RIK0915K-40TG Sample Available9009301500050
Displaying 14 of 14 products