T/R Modules

With our unparalleled expertise in GaN technology, we offer users cutting-edge GaN Transmit and receive (T/R) Modules suited for various radar applications. Our state-of-the-art T/R modules offer higher power and efficiency in a more compact design format. 

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Part NumberDatasheetCAD ModelStatusMin Frequency (MHz)Max Frequency (MHz)BandMin TX Output Power (W)RX Gain (dB)TX Gain (dB)VDCRX Noise Figure (dB)
HR3135-10A Production31003500S-band102021.5503.5
RRM8894010-M1D Sample Available88009400X-band103135284
RFMR13-LTRM-250-200B Sample Available12001400L-Band2504550502.5
RFMR29-SFEM-200-400A Sample Available27003100S-band2002859473
RFMR57-CTRM-020SP-500A-SM Sample Available54005900C-band202539453.5
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