The RIM251K6-20G is a 1600W gallium-nitride (GaN) solid-state microwave generator operable from 2400 to 2500 MHz. The RIM251K6-20G is designed for microwave sterilization, food irradiation, powder metallurgy processing, microwave sintering, food drying, food tampering, and more. The RIM251K6-20G is fully equipped with RFHIC’s cutting-edge gallium-nitride (GaN) SiC transistors providing excellent thermal stability and efficiency for high power applications. Unlike conventional technology, the RIM251K6-20G is embedded with RFHIC’s control software suite allowing users to digitally control and monitor the system’s frequency, power, and signal source resulting in optimized end products. The RIM251K6-20G is fully equipped with high-grade isolators protecting the device from reflected energy. The generator can withstand a maximum load mismatch up to 6:1 at max. output power. In case a higher reflected power is measured, the system will automatically shut down preventing system failure.  The RIM251K6-20G is also equipped with a high-grade phase-locked-loop (PLL) synthesizer which generates the desired frequency in a precise and stable manner.