RFHIC’s RIM25200-20G is a 200W, GaN solid-state microwave generator designed ideally for microwave ablation (tumor, cardiac, tissue, liver), microwave diathermy, and plasma lighting applications. The RIM25200-20G is equipped with RFHIC’s cutting-edge gallium-nitride (GaN) SiC HEMT providing excellent thermal stability and efficiency. The RIM25200-20G is a modular type microwave generator equipped with a phase-lock-loop (PLL) synthesizer providing the desired signal in a precise and controllable manner. The RIM25200-20G is embedded with RFHIC’s precise control software suite allowing users to control and monitor the generator’s power, RF mode (CW/pulse), and phase. To protect the device from reflected energy, the generator is pre-equipped with high-grade isolators (circulators & terms) preventing system damage. The RIM25200-20G has a compact size of 200 x 100 x 30 and weighs 1.16kG.