RFHIC’s RIU093K0-40TG is a 3kW GaN solid-state industrial microwave generator ideally designed for industrial heating, drying, sterilizing, and polymer modification applications. The RIU093K0-40TG is built with RFHIC’s cutting-edge gallium-nitride (GaN) on SiC HEMT, allowing excellent thermal stability and efficiency. The RIU093K0-40TG has an operable frequency range from 900 to 930 MHz and a system efficiency of 60% at peak output power. The RIU093K0-40TG is a stand-alone type (separate from one another) that comes equipped with an SSPA head (four 800w, GaN SSPA), power supply unit (PSU), and a main control unit (MCU). To simplify system integration and mitigate the use of waveguides, the RIU093K0-40TG is pre-built with an internal waveguide (IP protected), allowing users to directly connect to the horn antenna. To protect the device from reflected power, the RIU093K0-40TG is built with high-grade isolators (circulators, terms), preventing system failure. The RIU093K0-40TG is also equipped with a phase-lock-loop (PLL) synthesizer that generates the desired frequency in a precise and controlled manner. Power levels, frequency range, and signal source can all be digitally controlled and monitored via RFHIC’s software suite.