RIU256K0-40TG is a 6kW, GaN solid solid-state microwave generator designed ideally for microwave heating and plasma generation applications. The RIU256K0 RIU256K0-40TG provides continuous wave (CW) and or pulse output power adjustable from 300W to 6000W at frequencies ranging between 2400MHz and 2500MHz. The RIU256K0 RIU256K0-40TG is a remote remote-type microwave generator system with the SSPA head and power supply unit separately separately, proprovi ding greater system flexibility. The RIU256K0 RIU256K0-40TG comes equipped with a 6kW SSPA head, 380VAC Power Supply Unit (PSU)PSU), a DC cable, a Window Window-based GUI, and a PLL Synthesizer/Control Module.