RFHIC’s RIF58800-20SG is an 800W, GaN solid-state microwave generator designed ideally for microwave flash welding, industrial food processing (drying, heating, frying) polymer modification applications. The RIF58800-20SG is a shelf-type microwave generator equipped with an SSPA head, a 264 VAC power supply unit (PSU), and a main control unit (MCU). Unlike conventional vacuum tubes (magnetrons, klystrons), the RIF58800-20SG is operable at high frequencies from 5725 to 5875 MHz. This compact shelf-type microwave generator is pre-built with a phase-lock-loop (PLL) synthesizer that generates the signal precisely and controllably. The RIF58800-20SG is also embedded with RFHIC’s precise control software suite allowing users to control and monitor the generator’s power levels, phase, and RF mode (CW/pulse) to optimize end products. The RIF58800-20SG is also pre-built with high-grade isolators (circulators, terms) to prevent system failure from high levels of reflected power. In case a high level of reflected power is detected, the system will automatically shut down.