Anyang, South Korea, August 9, 2018 – RFHIC Corporation (KOSDAQ:218410), a global leader in designing and manufacturing GaN RF & Microwave components for communications and defense applications released Korea’s first 28GHz, GaN MMIC for 5G Massive MIMO applications.

RFHIC is one of the few global companies in the RF & MW field to have developed this product, which will be used significantly for 5G’s millimeter-wave applications. RFHIC’s high-performance GaN MMIC will deliver higher power and faster data transfer required by 5G technology.

RFHIC’s Spokesperson stated, “The high power GaN MMIC is implemented all on one chip, allowing us to meet customer’s demanding size and price requirements.” RFHIC’s GaN MMIC provides high output power and efficiency and is operable up to Ka-Band (26.5GHz to 40GHz). This was unattainable with existing technologies like Ldmos and GaAs. RFHIC ‘s GaN MMICs are expected to be implemented into 5G’s Massive MIMO applications for customers like Samsung, Nokia, and Huawei.

With the development of our 28GHz GaN MMIC, it shows the market that we are fully capable of producing other products within the Sub-6GHz range (3.5 GHz, 4.9GHz) enabling us to expand our GaN market share. “We are determined to be the leaders in 5G, by providing our customers with the broadest solutions possible in wireless communications, stated RFHIC’s Spokesperson.”

RFHIC aims to achieve $104.35M USD in sales for the wireless communication business field alone in 2019. RFHIC forecasts that the volume of Samsung, Huawei, and Nokia which began mass production since last year, will expand significantly in 2019.

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RFHIC Corporation provides innovative GaN solutions that transform how the world operates, communicates, and protects. Our cutting edge GaN technology is the core foundation of all our inventions for creating a better, faster, and more efficient world. As a global leader in designing and manufacturing GaN RF & Microwave components, we envision spurring a new era of high-powered and reliable devices for the next big change in industrial, cellular, and defense technology. Headquartered in Anyang, South Korea.  RFHIC has a US sales office in Morrisville, North Carolina, and sales distributors throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.  RFHIC is an ISO9001 (International quality standard) and ISO14001 (Environmental management standard) certified company, providing reliable and dependable products worldwide.

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