GaN SSPA vs. Magnetron

RFHIC’s GaN Solid-State Technology provides precise and controllable microwave energy like never before. RFHIC’s GaN solid-state microwave generators are built using our cutting edge gallium-nitride (GaN) on SiC HEMTs, providing higher power, efficiency, and excellent reliability. 

Unlike conventional magnetrons that are noisy, unstable, and require bulky, costly, and high voltage power supplies RFHIC’s GaN solid-state generators deliver a precise and clean RF signal.

Benefits of RFHIC’s GaN Solid-State Technology

  • RFHIC’s GaN Solid- State generators provide instant power eliminating the need for slow warm-up times.
  • RFHIC’s GaN Solid-State generators use low voltage (50V) DC, unlike magnetrons that use voltages up to 38kV, making the overall system safer, and more reliable. 
  • RFHIC’s GaN Solid-State generators are built with our cutting edge gallium-nitride (GaN) HEMTs providing average lifetimes of ~100,000 to 500,000 hours, (*Can vary depending on usage)
  • RFHIC’s GaN Solid-State generators are built with our controllable software suite allowing users to control the power, frequency, phase, and signal source (CW/Pulse). 
  • RFHIC’s GaN Solid-State generators can be controlled digitally eliminating the need for added mechanical controls.
  • RFHIC’s GaN Solid-State generators come with a switch-mode power supply filtering out noisy AC signals, providing excellent frequency stability. 
  • RFHIC’s GaN Solid-State generators are built with our fault redundant solid-state power amplifiers resulting in graceful degradation in case of amplifier failure. Magnetrons tend to completely shut down in case of system failure, resulting in high maintenance costs. 

RFHIC’s GaN SSPA vs. Magnetron Signal Spectrum Characteristics

1kW Magnetron 

magnetron 1kW signal characteristics

3kW Magnetron 

magnetron 3kW signal characteristics

6kW Magnetron 

magnetron 6kW signal characteristics


RFHIC 1kW SSPA Signal Characteristic


RFHIC 3kW SSPA Signal Characteristic


RFHIC 6kW SSPA Signal Characteristic

RFHIC’s Competitive Advantage 

At RFHIC we offer a broad range of standard and customizable solutions and services to best meet our customer’s needs. We are capable of designing and manufacturing from the transistor to the system level all within our in-house production facility. With our One-Stop GaN Solution, we can provide customers with cost-effective, reliable, customizable, and fast products – allowing our customer’s customers to get to market faster. 

RFHIC's one stop gan solution

RFHIC’s GaN Solid-State Solutions 

At RFHIC we provide complete microwave generator systems as an integrated unit or with a stand-alone SSPA head. The integrated microwave generator is built in a rack type system equipped with solid-state power amplifiers, a power supply unit, cable assemblies, and a waveguide converter. Stand-alone types also come with a separate power supply, cable assemblies, and waveguide converter. 

RFHIC offers design and manufacturing services to build complete custom turnkey microwave generators operating in 915MHz, 2.45GHz, and 5.8GHz with power levels up to multi-megawatt.

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