RFHIC's mission is to enlighten industries with RF and Microwave advancements - to expedite a future enhanced by technological innovation. 

Meaning a better connected, safer, stronger world for generations. 

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Our Founders

A diverse environment of intuitive thinkers and doers continually reimagining and reinventing what’s possible with GaN RF & Microwave technology.

RFHIC, which stands for Radio, Frequency, Hybrid, Integrated, Circuit corporation, was founded by Dr. Samuel Cho (Co-Founder & CTO) and David Cho (Co-Founder & CEO) in 1999 to address the needs of high-performing, efficient, and cost-effective RF & Microwave Components for the South Korean market. 

30 Years
Of RF & Microwave Expertise
Our Values

Core Company Values

Our blend of capacity and flexibility means we can respond to the most complex of challenges. By designing, manufacturing and testing in-house, we can provide standard and customized solutions with significantly lower lead times.
Relentless Innovation
Innovation is our driving force. To achieve the extraordinary takes vision, creativity and a tenacious spirit that is never afraid to experiement.
Pioneering Spirit
We value different perspectives. We never shy away from opinion or debate to retain the status quo. Our people support yet push, encourage yet challenge, driivng each other to realize new ideas and break new boundaries.
Uncompromising Quality
Exceptional expertise. Perfect precision. Meticulous testing. Our determined focus on delivering prestige GaN RF & Microwave solutions means our products are unrivaled, and our leading-edge reputation enduring.
For the Greater Good
There is no challenge that is too complex for which we can't find a solution. With our prestige GaN RF & Microwave solutions, we are making the world a better place for generations to come.
We aim to enlighten industries with RF and Microwave advancements. To expedite a future enhanced by technological innovation - with the power of gallium nitride (GaN) RF & Microwave technology.
Co-Founders, RFHIC
— Samuel Cho & David Cho