Wideband Amplifiers

At RFHIC, we offer a broad range of 50-ohm RF input and output matched wideband amplifiers explicitly designed for cable/broadband, communication, and electronic warfare applications. Our wideband amplifiers cover wideband operations up to 18 GHz and are compactly designed. Each wideband amplifier utilizes our cutting-edge Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology resulting in high efficiency and excellent performance. Customized solutions are available upon customer request.

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Part NumberDatasheetStatusMin Freq. (MHz)Max Freq. (MHz)TypeTyp Output Power (W)Power Gain (dB)PAE (%)VDC
RWP05120-51 Sample Available201000Pallet120515528
RWP2040400-19 Sample Available20004000Pallet400192050
RWP2442050-47 Sample Available24004200Pallet50473528
RWP4260050-47 Sample Available42006000Pallet50473528
RNP21040-50NPIN Production21002170Pallet52525028
RWP05040-10NPIN Production201000Pallet4038-28
RWS05520-10 Production420470--40-28
RWP1027200-53 Sample Available10002500Pallet20050-36
RTP0809300-66 Sample Available800900-300664145
RWS02520-1K Production100600-2046-27
RUM43020-10 Production20006000Pallet20352028
RWP2060080-50 Sample Available20006000Pallet100502235
RNP21040-50 Production21002170Pallet52525028
RSP4459030-17A Production44005900Pallet31133040
Displaying 14 of 36 products