Combiners & Dividers

RFHIC provides both standardized and custom combiners and dividers for a broad range of applications, including military transmitters, particle accelerators, and other high-power applications.
Our combiners and dividers offer 2-way to 60-way solutions with power capabilities of up to 3MW. ​
Offering both standardized and customized products.

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Part NumberDatasheetStatusBandFrequency RangePower Handling @ Input Category
RCW500-3618F00 Sample AvailableUHF500MHz150kW CWRadial Combiner
RCR500-10158F00 Sample AvailableUHF500MHz10kW CWRadial Combiner
RCR500-6DF00 Sample AvailableUHF500MHz15kW CWRadial Combiner
RCTS3100-8NF00 Sample AvailableS-band2.9~3.3 GHz3kW (Peak)Radial Combiner
RIW0915K Sample Availablel-band900~930 MHz2kW (CW)gysel combiner
RIW0930K Sample Availablel-band900~930 MHz2kW (CW)gysel combiner
RDMKU-16OP02 Sample Availableku-band-50W (CW)power splitter
RCTS2900-8NF00 Sample Availables-band2.7~3.1 GHz3kW (Peak)radial combiner
RCRS3000-16NF00 Sample Availables-band2.0~4 GHz3kW (Peak)radial combiner
RRW5459-AC010 Sample Availablec-band5.4~5.9 GHz1.5kW (Peak)waveguide combiner
RCRC6000-24NF00 Sample Availablec-band4.0~8.0 GHz3kw (Peak)radial combiner
RCS1500-4DF00 Sample AvailableL-band1.5 GHz (+/- 3MHz)2kW (CW)radial combiner
RWY0618-AG200 Sample Available-6~18 GHz400W (Peak)broadband hybrid
RWT90-08C01 Sample AvailableX-band9.2~9.7 GHz1kw (Peak)waveguide combiner
Displaying 14 of 23 products
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