Company Identity

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RFHIC's brand identity and concepts reflect our mission to enlighten industries with RF and Microwave advancements
- to expedite a future enhanced by technological innovation.

All with the end goal of creating a better connected, safer, stronger world for generations.

New Headquarters

RFHIC’s Visionary Stride towards a Brighter Future

Design Concept
RFHIC's new headquarters expresses our innovative and future-oriented identity through a three-dimensional polygon pattern design with a metallic texture. Located in Gwacheon Knowledge Information Town, Korea’s rising hub of advanced industries, our headquarters will serve as the foundation for RFHIC’s ever-expanding future.

Paradigm Shift
The façade design of our headquarters features several planes converging at a single point in a continuous pattern, representing how we embrace diverse thoughts and opinions and integrate them into a unified vision. Additionally, the surfaces that continuously shift according to the reflection of light embody our spirit of standing at the forefront of change and shifting paradigms.
Company Identity


The RFHIC logo is a combination of the logomark and the logotype and may not be adapted or modified in any way.
The logomark references both microwave waves and frequencies without being too literal. It takes a more abstract approach with the negative space.

The two arrows represent looking forward to the future while still looking back and acknowledging the important 23+ years of heritage of RFHIC.
Company Identity

RFHIC Tagline

We're more than just the world's first and only GaN device-to-systems manufacturer. We're innovators, creating the technology that transforms industries enhances lives and shapes our future.

For decades, we've been harnessing the unlimted potentials of GaN for Telco, Defense, and now RF Energy sectors can reimagine what's possible. If it can be imagined, we can realize it, with speed, agility, and expertise that sets us apart.
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Company Identity

Logo Specification

The logo has been created with precision, and its usage should adhere to that.
Make sure the logo has sufficient spacing around it, we require that the logo should have white space, the equivalent of the "R" in the logo, at all times.
Company Identity

Brand Colours

Our color pallet has been updated to reflect our heritage but expressed more modern and digital. We've also created a new unique color pallette for the industries we operate in, allowing our customers to easily differentiate between sectors.
Company Identity

Type Face

We've updated our typeface to TT commons providing a cleaner and more confident feel, allowing us to communicate and engage with our customers more precisely and effectively.