RFHIC is a pioneer in high-powered gallium (GaN) solid-state sub-systems designed to replace conventional vacuum tubes (magnetron, TWTs) technology.


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Microwave Generators
RFHIC’s high power microwave generators are designed to provide digital controllability for microwave heating and plasma generation applications
RF Transmitters
RFHIC's high power RF transmitters are designed to replace vacuum tubes and be used for next generation radar applications.
RFHIC's GaN Solid-State Microwave

Benefits of RFHIC's GaN Solid-State Microwave Technology

Digital Controllability

RFHIC’s GaN Solid-State generators are built with our controllable software suite allowing users to control the power, frequency, phase, and signal source (CW/Pulse). 

Graceful Degradation

RFHIC’s GaN Solid-State generators are built with our fault redundant solid-state power amplifiers resulting in graceful degradation in case of amplifier failure. Magnetrons tend to completely shut down in case of system failure, resulting in high maintenance costs. 

Longer Lifetime

RFHIC’s GaN Solid-State generators are built with our cutting edge gallium-nitride (GaN) HEMTs providing average lifetimes of ~100,000 to 500,000 hours, (*Can vary depending on usage)

Precise Frequency

Unlike outdated vacuum tubes that provide spurious signals, RFHIC's GaN solid-state technology provides precise and accurate signals resulting in stable and uniform heat distribution. 

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